Our services

Pre-press services

We either work with onscreen edited Word files or a marked up typescript and unedited Word file depending on the publisher's preference. We use Indesign for typesetting and supply a press-optimised pdf as the final product.

We follow the publisher's specification or use their template files and can redraw graphs and charts to match brand guidelines using either InDesign or Illustrator. We can assist with design where required.

We provide artwork for business and event stationery including business cards, invitations and letterheads.

eBooks and publishing online

We supply web optimised PDFs for online distribution and convert books to eBooks. We ensure eBooks are compliant with ePub standards and suitable for any standards compliant eBook reader. Where necessary we can edit CSS and HTML directly to fine-tune eBooks to improve readability.

Other projects

We have worked on:

  • CD-Rom resources using HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • MS word templates, forms and themed files



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    An established, professional typesetting service providing high-quality typesetting for publishers large and small.

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    We provide typesetting for books, reports and other material for print and online distribution.

  • Our customers

    We work with national and international charities, publishers and printers.